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The story of rum is intimately linked to the history of Mauritius. And when you savour rum, you are delving into the very heart of the island’s destiny, carried away on the exhalations of an ancient tradition, rediscovering the taste of authenticity. These Single Estate rums are made from the savoir-faire of the first distillery in Mauritius and truly characterize the spirit of the island: Authentic, Warm and Welcoming.

Are you a cigar connoisseur, have a look at our most iconic and luxury cigars range that exemplifies style and sophistication. In 1492, in Cuba, Christopher Columbus’ landing allowed the discovery of tobacco in the heart of the “New World”. The Taino Indians rolled and burned mysterious leaves, which they called “Cohiba”, in a ceremony unknown to the explorers. Since its discovery, Tabaco Negro Cubano or Cuban Black Tobacco is perceived as the best in the world due to the exceptional climatic conditions in which it grows in some areas of the Island, a position held uncontested for over five hundred years.

Enjoy our range of prestigious whiskies, including some of the finest and best-known brands on the market. Indulge in our fascinating collection of whiskies from around the world. Treat yourself to an aromatic initiation into the world’s finest whisky houses. Challenge your taste buds and take the opportunity to surprise your family or friends with our variety of unique brands.

Choose a bottle of your choice on our Duty Free platform, a wine with a lively or refreshing flavor, which will accompany you on all the different moments: poetry in a bottle for a great moment of sharing! Enjoy them in good company and share these delightful bottles with the people you love. Before a meal, as an aperitif, perfect to refresh the palate. It is also ideal to accompany your dishes to or your desserts of choice. Travel to the heart of the different appellations and terroirs for a quality taste experience! Our Art de Vivre will accompany you at all times!

Explore our ultra-luxury range of Champagne, famous throughout the world for the quality of its sparkling wines, is one of the most surprising wine-growing regions in France. Champagne, also known as “Vin de Champagne,” is a French wine protected by a controlled designation of origin (AOC). It is obviously native to the region of Champagne, in France, where the main grapes used to produce it are Chardonnay (white grape), Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier (black grape varieties) in various blends. Listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2015 and breaking export sales records that same year, it is now one of the most dynamic vineyards in France, particularly due to constant innovation in its cuvées and winemaking methods.